Hero Hosting LTE  offers low cost engineering and educational services to community radio applicants and stations, focusing on the Low Power FM service. Below is a list of the services we offer. Contact hero@ubfmlive.net for more information and price quotes.

What we have to offer:

Build your station.

Hero Hosting LTE provides expert engineering services and low-cost solutions for community-based FM stations — especially low-power FMs. Unlike the “turn-key” solutions offered by some engineering firms, we prefer to work collaboratively with new stations throughout the construction process and to provide technical education for station volunteers in conjunction with our technical service.
Our process starts with design consulting to figure out what you want and need, what you are working with, and what you have already. That leads to a sample equipment list with prices plus a cost estimate to hire us to help build. From there you can purchase equipment through us if you like, and have us come put it all together with you.

* Application Engineering.

Whether your LPFM has been on the air for years, you’ve just received your construction permit or your application is still being processed by the ICASA, we can do the engineering work for site moves, channel changes, and more.
– Do you need to move your transmission site but aren’t sure where to begin looking? Do you have the best possible transmission site to reach the maximum number of people in your target audience? Are you receiving unwanted interference? Is a big, bad commercial station breathing down your neck? Email us now : hero@ubfmlive.net


Hero Hosting LTE provides consulting services to LPFMs and community radio stations on issues ranging from planning a station and build to maintaining ICASA compliance. Contact us at hero@ubfmlive.net for help!

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